We welcome new members to the Whangarei RSA

The best destination for socialising and having a good time. Our friendly staff have decades of experience and look forward to meeting you.

Annual Membership Renewal

The annual subscription for the 2023/24 financial year for Associate, Service and Returned Service members is $60.00.

Payment Options

1. By cash or EFTPOS during normal office hours (Tue – Fri 9am to 3pm).
2. By electronic transfer or direct credit to our bank account 06 0493 0005781 00. Please ensure your name and membership number appears on the transaction to enable us to identify you on our bank statement.

Contact Details Up to Date?

If your contact details have changed since you joined up as a member, make sure you contact the Office and we can update our system so that you never miss out on what's going on!

Rules of the Whangarei Returned & Services' Association

Courtesy Coach

Wednesday & Friday


From 4:30pm
Donations welcomed


Driver's mobile: 021 048 1330


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We have a small range of pins, keyrings, earrings and necklaces available for purchase.

Check out the product list and get in contact with the office if there is something you would like to order.